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Pre Engineered Metal Building

A Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) is designed by a manufacturer to be fabricated using a pre-determined inventory of raw materials and manufacturing methods that can efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements. Within some geographical industry sectors these buildings are also called Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings(PEMB) or, as in becoming increasingly common due to reduced amount of pre-engineering involved in custom computer-aided designs, simply Engineered Metal Buildings (EMB).


Comparison between Pre-engineered Building and Conventional structure. 

Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

Conventional Structure

1. Foundation

Simple design, easy to construct and lightweight.


Extensive heavy foundation required

2. Weight

About 30% lighter through the efficient use of steel. Primary framing members are designed with tapered built-up sections with the most steel in the areas of highest stress, using high strength steel. Secondary members are light gauge cold formed “z” or “c” shaped members. Members are roll-formed for minimum weight and labour cost.


Steel member sizes must be selected from standard hot rolled sections, which in many cases are heavier than what is actually required by design. Members are the same cross-section along the entire length, regardless of local stress magnitude. Secondary members are from standard hot rolled “I” and “c” sections. In many cases members are heavier than required, and therefore are not as economical as cold formed members.

3. Erection

Easy, fast, step by step. Erection costs and time are accurately known, based upon extensive experience with similar buildings.


Slow, extensive field labour required. Typically 20% more expensive than pre-engineered steel buildings. In most of the cases, the erection cost and time are not estimated accurately.

4.Sourcing and Coordination

Building is supplied complete with cladding and all accessories, including erection if required, all from one source of supply.

Sourcing and Coordination

Many sources of supply. Project Management time required to co-ordinate suppliers and sub-contractors.


Very flexible, tailor made, accepts changes and revisions easily. Future expansion simple, easy and cost effective. One supplier to coordinate changes.


Changes, revisions and additions can be difficult due to extensive redesign and coordination among suppliers and subcontractors.


Pre-engineered building features:

  • Easy integration of all traditional construction materials such as brick work, glazing, timber. Etc.
  • Optimization in accordance with customer’s requirement.
  • Addition of canopies as a direct continuation of the roof line or at a lower level with positive or negative roof slopes.
  • Addition of parapets, partially or completely around the building.
  • Optimized design of steel thereby reducing weight, while meeting all design criteria requirements.
  • Quality design, manufacturing and erection. Easy integration of all traditional construction materials




Pre Engineered building

Pre Engineered building

Pre Engineered building

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